Self Care Room

Grab a cushion, take your shoes off, relax and take a breath. You are now entering our Self Care Room. Come in and learn all of the ways we can relax and grow.

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Gemma’s recommendation

Black Girl Meditations


I used to hate my body, my black skin, and my "poor" life. Now I am finally learning to embrace all of me and more. Listen to this practice daily for words and visual reminders of your infinite value. Turn your speakers up and share with another womyn who needs it! I keep improving my content to better serve the millions of black women reconnecting with the depths of light and love inside of us.

Short Film

Dear Black Women

Although Dear Black Women has ended, the love we have shared since late 2016 lives on. To celebrate, Your Care Package: over 400 resources, affirmations and moments of our Black Girl Love and Joy to carry with you. This is a love letter to us and a celebration of the goodness we have shared.

Spirit House Inc. Meditation for Black Women

SpiritHouse is a multigenerational Black women- led cultural organizing tribe with a rich legacy of using art, culture and media to support the empowerment and transformation of communities most impacted by racism, poverty, gender inequity, criminalization and incarceration.

An Article by Indy Week on Monet Noelle Marshall

Monét Noelle Marshall’s presence in a room is always felt. She moves through spaces fluidly, with a calm spirit of humility and wisdom. Even when she is seemingly alone, she stands as ten thousand, as Maya Angelou would say.

Black WOMEN Meditations / Affirmations

Black Woman

Nigel Birch is EDXVD

Affirmations for Self | Confidence ( Christ...

Melody Kanguru

A Meditation for Black Women

SpiritHouse NC

Guided Meditation for Coping with Systemic ...

Tara Marie Smith

Meditation for Black Women | Self-Love &...

Alyssa G. Mullings

Do You Need Help Grounding Into Your Body R...

Jaya’s Realm