Knots in My Laces, Knots in my Tummy

Knots in My Laces, Knots in my Tummy

Julene Butler

Unfortunately, it is more challenging to identify anxiety in younger children because they cannot yet recognize and clearly articulate the symptoms they are experiencing. Knots in My Laces, Knots in My Tummy is a children’s picture book that creatively and sensitively presents the symptoms of anxiety in children. This easy-to-read book allows the parent and child to identify these symptoms together and helps them to begin to effectively talk about the child’s feelings and experiences. In addition, Knots in My Laces, Knots in My Tummy provides parents with helpful information on commonly asked questions and details about what they can do if they think their child is displaying signs of anxiety.

About Author:

Julene Butler is compassionate, eclectic, brutally honest, and genuine. In her role as a child and youth practitioner, she has helped hundreds of clients manage their emotional and mental challenges. In her first book, Knots in My Laces, Knots in My Tummy, Julene leverages over 19 years of experience working with kids and a passion for writing to create an accessible resource that gets parents and young children talking about mental health. Julene Butler (

Book is also available on Audible, Kindle, and iTunes for audio listening.

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